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Deals and Value Creation

We have an exceptional opportunity to join a sold out team working in a tier1 consultancy. This opportunity is within Deals/M&A and can offer an exciting opportunity to work with the countries top PE teams in creating value through Deals and M&A.

Our client has an exceptional order book of opportunity working with some of the most exciting Deals in the UK. Covid has introduced scenarios that is making today a perfect time to move. If you love the Deal and want to be in the middle of this amazing time, contact us today.

Industry experience can range from Financial Services, TMT, Consumer, Retail, Pharma.

This opportunity is open to anyone from industry (for example, working in strategy/dev ops in M&A) or from a Deals oriented Big4 type team. Our clients team is growing at pace and will promote as soon as you can demonstrate your ability to operate at that level. In addition, all candidates will be assessed on the value, knowledge and enthusiasm they bring. As such, promotion through this interview process is also possible.

Whilst there are opportunities from Manager up, minimum requirements for the more senior roles (Director and Associate Director) are:

  1. Extensive Deals experience, especially with PE Deal Teams in the pre-deal phase and Operating Partners / Management Teams in the post deal phase

  2. Strategy, Value Creation Plan development, Commercial Due Diligence and Operational Due Diligence skill set

  3. A depth of industry/sector experience and knowledge - content knowledge not just delivery / programme management

  4. Operating at C-Suite – CFO, COO, CTO, CEO

  5. Managing and delivering engagements, including structuring and scoping deliverables, financial management of the engagement, team management and development

  6. Bonus – network of influential contacts within Private Equity and/or Corporates

For Managers: points 1 and 2 are the areas to focus on.

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